Independent Dealers

Is your product making it to the retailer’s shelves?
We maintain relationships with all dealers in our territories, not just the large ones. Whether your method of distribution is directly to dealers or through wholesale channels, we are in personal contact with dealers on a daily basis to insure your product makes it to the consumer and that every opportunity is explored.

Chain Stores

Not sure how to move to the next level with the large catalog/retail store accounts?
Our sales representatives maintain relationships with all chain accounts and their key buyers in our territories. We can help you make that important presentation or help you manage your existing business for growth in this rapidly expanding market segment.

Buying Groups

Are you maximizing your sales to the buying Groups?
We have years of experience and success in marketing products to the buying groups and their dealers. We work all of the major buying group shows each year and work with buying group managers to insure our client’s products are at the forefront each time.

Law Enforcement

Our sales force logs hundreds of direct agency sales calls each year. In addition, we service all of the major public safety distributor accounts and attend over 100 law enforcement specific trade shows each year. Click here to learn more about our Technical Services Group. Contact us to learn how this group of Technical Specialists can place your product in front of thousands of LE end-users each year.


Would you like to take your business through the wholesale channels?
We can help. Our sales representatives maintain relationships with all distributor accounts and their key buyers in our territories. Let us pitch your product to the major wholesalers.


Do you have an on the ground picture of what is going on in the market?
Our sales representatives have been successful in giving our clients real time analysis and competitive information of what is really going on in your accounts. Through our proven call reporting and dealer survey services, we can give you today’s information about your market. Further, our broad geographic range gives our clients regional analysis so that they can tailor products and programs to reach specific markets.